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Welcome to my journal of writings! To get to know the writer behind these words in more depth, feel free to stop in and say hi over at my main journal, [personal profile] gryphonwing. I'm fairly friendly.

I suggest using the tags in the sidebar to navigate through the various genres of work I include here. This persistent post will eventually contain links to specific projects--such as all the segments or chapters of various works in progress--but at the moment it's mainly a placeholder. For now, I'll just put in a note about my ideas on copyright:

All my work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License. Click the link for more information; basically, it means that you're free to copy and distribute my writings with attribution (a link to this journal and pseudonym is fine for transient and web-based purposes; if you want to create a durable copy of something of mine, please contact me for information about using my real-world name), but that you may not use my work commercially or alter it.

If you'd like to use something of mine commercially, collaborate on a project, or create a derivative work, contact me to discuss the details. I'm usually quite happy to work with other artists and flattered when my own creations spark ideas for others.

I hope you enjoy my writings!


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